It's time to Market Smarter, NOT more Expensively.

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The Hottest Marketing Trend for 2023

You already know that the mobile device is Changing the World.
It's no longer a matter of IF you do Mobile Engagement, it's now How Well You Do it.
Because if you aren't doing it well, your business will soon become insignificant.

If you have been doing pop-up ads or location based marketing, things are changing in a Big Way.
Apple and Android have put a stop to Location Based Marketing.

User Control

It's now the beginning of the end for pop-up ads. The public has been complaining for years and now Apple and Android are doing something abvout it.


Consumers want to see What they want on Their Terms.
They don't want to download an app or subscribe to anything, particularly a Text Message campaign. They demand the flexibility to decide What, When and Where, not you.


The critical part is Speed.
When consumers click, 75% are Gone after just TWO SECONDS if they don't see anything happening.

21st Century


Your customers are already looking for merchants to engage on their mobile device and if you don't accommodate them you run the risk of pushing them to your competitor.

You have heard the new buzzwords...
Touchless - Contactless - Contact Free - New Norm

"We are not looking for the life we had, we are creating a New one. A New Normal."  (Utah Businesses, April 2020)

What if you could do this, Successfully and Very Affordably?

We have a Full Line of Touchless Products to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Welcome to The Evolution Marketing.

The rules have changed, you MUST be doing Mobile Marketing and you MUST do it correctly.

The Buzzwords are Instant and Touchless.

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"You Can Force a Horse to the water but
You Can't Make it Drink.
Your job is to make it Thirsty."
Dr. Rick Mayer

It's the difference between Forcing information on prospects with web crawlers and pop-up ads, something they will Always find a way to block, OR
Giving them What they want, When and Where they want, and Pulling them in.

We are talking about Involuntary, Forced Blasting vs.
Voluntary Acceptance and Engagement.

When you force ads out there, they rebel.
But give them something that makes sense and they engage.

It's time for a Change...