Increase your overall event ROI.

Turn passive attendees into active event participants.

Constantly Deliver an up-to-date agenda and
gain insights from attendee behavior.

Once they experience it, your attendees Will Share.
This is Viral Marketing and we make it Easy
with our Social Share feature.

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Personalize your Event

One of the issues at any event is Things Change. Last minute schedule changes, room changes, presenter changes, etc., all require a tremendous amount of effort and time wasted by personnel. And this doesn't even address the expense of trying to change printed material.

What if you could make these changes in Real Time, from a central location, and all changes and updates were instantly live? Folks would get the latest information in Real Time, informing them of the very latest information or change.

Event system that Fosters Engagement

Connect your attendees to the right people, content and sessions with contextual campaigns to strengthen relationship and provide the information they seek.

Drive Attendee Engagement

Surprise attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals or exhibitions by offering them an interactive experience, scavenger hunt, games and rewards, etc. Keep them updated if there are changes in the agenda.

Simplify Networking

Every event is about establishing meaningful connections and knowing where you are.
Find out what your attendees are interested in and help them find the exhibitors they are looking for.
Bring a New Level to the "You are Here" sign.

Increase Event ROI

Give exhibitors and sponsors more visibility by driving engagement through your event.
Make it easy for exhibitors to share their information and and get more engaged visitors.

Features for Attendees

They will have access to "Your Are Here" information any time they are near a GooEVENT™ dedicated WayFind link. These can be customized to go as detailed as needed.

The code remains the same but what it links to can change at any time.
With just a click attendees get the information they need, see where they are, get the latest updates and information, etc.

They can even place the main link directly on their home page, without needing any downloads, and then can access the information any time they need.
Every time any changes are made all their links are updated automatically without them needing to do anything. The next time they click the new information is displayed.

And when it comes to your Major Sponsors...

Show your sponsor there is a good reason to be a Major Sponsor.
You can control who is featured and where by how you place the flyers with the GooEVENT™ links.

  • Include a Splash screen campaign that displays when users first link up at the entrance.
  • Even include a welcome campaign when a user opens the link for the first time.
  • Highlight your Major Sponsor to everyone who arrives at the show.
  • Push out different messages about your Major Sponsors throughout the event by strategically placing links throughout the event.
  • It's a great way to greet your attendees and show them a Truly Unique experience they haven't had before. Your event will be a huge success and just watch what happens next time, you will Sell Out rather quickly.
  • It all works on the latest Google AMP SmarterAPP for near instant page loads.

Your major sponsors get Special Notice.

Always Up-to-Date Schedule

Schedules may change often but printed materials don't. With our Event system your attendees always have the up-to-date agenda at their fingertips.

Different Events

As anything changes on any breakout or event, everyone has all the latest information instantly right on their device.

Attendees Preferences

Nobody likes being swamped with unwanted information. When getting new information, the attendees just click. They have the control so when they see something they don't necessarily need they just skip it. It's not BLASTED to them, they simply Hate that.

Marketing Materials Storage

Collecting printed marketing materials is not only cumbersome but also generates high costs for exhibitors. Now exhibitors can have the option to hand them out or "Click Here" to simply have their marketing materials put right on their mobile phone.

Floor Plans

Have a large building or event making it difficult for folks to find their way? Create "You are Here" buttons and everyone immediately knows where they are in relation to the event with a simple point and click.


GooEVENT™ codes are great because each offer, link, etc. is unique. 
When someone clicks the desired information is immediately presented and there can even be more links embedded in the main display.


What's your game? We have solutions for various event types.

Trade Shows

Exhibitors want to demonstrate their latest products and a professional presentation is crucial but the amount of information is often difficult to keep up with. Attendees often miss out on many activities without a well prepared plan. GooEVENT™ keeps attendees updated in real time and helps plan their event experience. This results in more leads for exhibitors and helps them increase profits from your event.


Conferences are popular and important business events. GooEVENT™ helps visitors always stay up to date with the different event schedules and personalize their experience with engaging information about speakers, their presentations and special offers.

Product Launches

Product Launches are critical for the successful market introduction of many products. An engaging product presentation, delivered to the visitors mobile phone, with near instant delivery and delivered on-demand at their reqest tremendously increases the chances of your success.


Who says learning ends outside the classroom? Seminars present information to diverse audiences and are less formal than academic lectures but require a lot of work. Help people during seminars with up to date, real time information, indoor location maps and special learning materials delivered to their mobile phone.

Features for Exhibitors

Networking Events

Networking Events are personal marketing galas. Such events are great opportunities for contact, exploring new business opportunities, the establishment of relationships and personal marketing. GooEVENT™ makes it easier to connect with the information you need.

Special Events

Any time you have a group of people coming together, GooEVENT™ just might be your answer. Real Estate Parade of Homes? Can do.
Training Seminar on a new product line? Customize the delivery so folks can get the lesson they want.
Dealership launching a new model? Show features, information, video...whatever.

Sporting Events

This is a great opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of exposure to any message.
Imagine the success of your snack bar if you could post a QRgo™ link on the Jumbo Tron featuring the latest special.
Game about to end and you are left with a lot of product?
Show a "buy one get one" deal and clear your inventory and eliminate spoilage. 

Multiple Options

And when it comes to delivering your message, offer, video, link...whatever, you have options.
The preferred way is with the Qnow™ link because it's nearly Instant.