It's Recovery Time

"We are not looking for the life we had, we are creating a new one. A New Normal."

Utah Business, April 2020.

The Key to Success

Without question, the shift to Mobile and Digital technologies will increase like nothing we've ever seen before. As consumers search for one click, touchless, instant information, businesss will need to adapt in order to survive, let alone compete.

Therein also lies the problem because the scams are already beginning. It won't take long before you'll be hearing "Now, more than ever before, you need our service" followed by their pitch.

We have some Powerful FREE Tools

Right now you don't need a sales pitch.
You need information on What you can do and How you can adapt. And the Last thing you need is to spend a lot of money.

It's time for YOU to ask yourself some serious questions and then self evaluate your answers.

Short Summary

Let's get your Free GooMAPS and UtahSAVE listings. You stay Free as long as you like.

BizHelp for You NOW

It' time to take a Serious Look at how you do business now.

First, did you notice how fast this site and each page loads? It's the new Google AMP format but more on that later. That's one part of your new system.

Go ahead and put yourself in the Customers shoes just below.

Ya Think Bob is already stealing Joe's Customers?

Put Yourself in the Customers Shoes
Where would YOU Shop?

Bob's Pizza

Employing Google AMP, Touchless Marketing with GeoTargeted, Laser Precision, Loction Based Notifications. 

As I approach the business their Logo, Information and Specials pop-up on my phone automatically because of GooMAPS. I just scroll to see.
I can click to save it to my Smartphone or use their ScanOfTheDay System for a quick reference no matter where I am.

I can take a GooVR 360o Virtual Tour of their business before I even walk in.

I don't need to download another app because I've already got it. It's the same app for all the businesses I like.

The information loads in Less than TWO Seconds so I don't have to wait, no matter what device I use or in a poor connection area.

Once I find what I want I just tap to order and tap to pay right from my mobile phone. I can do this ahead of time so when I get there they bring it out. It's a Touchless process with No Waiting. 

I can join their Touchless V.I.P. Loyalty program just by tapping my phone to their beacon. It even recognizes me when I come in the door and to get credit for a visit I just tap my phone to the beacon and everything is updated.

Their Specials and Offers come to me when they actually mean something, when I am Close.
Because they are tailored to my wants and needs, I stay engaged.
I also have other controls to tailor What I receive, from Whom and When I receive it.

I have 10 Different categories where I can Toggle the messages and specials that interest me on or off any time. I can also click to take a break at any time.
And when a really cool offer or deal comes along I can send it to my friends with one click.

Joe's Pizza

Doing Business as Usual

When I see the business I need to do a Google Search to find them, and they are not on the first page so I must scroll and scroll because I keep seeing all sorts of other businesses I don't want right now. 
Or, I must enter their website address into the mobile browser bar and it takes me a couple of trys to get it right so I often loose interest.

Once I finally get them, because of my mobile connection I have to stop and wait for it to load.

I finally see what I want but to order I must either go in the store or dial their phone number.
Then, I MUST be in the store with my credit card to pay.
And since the order wasn't entered till they swiped my card, I must then stand there and wait.

Their Loyalty system requires me to carry a punch card or enter a bunch of information into a Kiosk, then do it again on each visit.

They always ask for my email or phone number so they can blast information out to me.
I then get blasted about stuff or text's about daily specials even when I'm 200 miles away when it means nothing, so I usually just opt out.

Since there is no rhyme or reason as to the messages I get, I usually don't stick around. But when an offer does come along that I like, to tell anyone I must call that person and try to explain, then they must jump through the hoops above to try and find it so I usually don't tell anyone.

The Above Information is just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Below are some areas to give you food for thought.

Welcome to the World of Proximity Marketing

Having folks just Find You is no longer enough.

How you market has changed.

Total Game Changer

If you are sharp, you will check this one out.
Give your folks a virtual, 360o tour of your business and watch things take off!

Moving Forward

Tings you should consider Right Now.

Get Listed

Check out the "GeoTargeting" link above and let's get your business listed in the GooMAPS section as well as

Understand the Power

Spend a little time on the GeoTargeting link to decide what you want "Pushed Out" right now. When folks get close your messge will appear as a Push Notification.

Immediate Link

Make sure you understand the AppVOLV section as we can get your website either updated or modified immediately.

Which Ones are for YOU?

In the example above, maybe you den't need in app payments. But you better be in compliance whth The Google Rules of Engagement, and I'm betting you arent...most sites aren't.

Secure payment

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Am I clearly communicating my value proposition?

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