The Affordable Way

WayFinding used to be expensive.

Ever been in a location with a WayFinding system that was built into their app?

That organization paid over $100,000 to have a firm develop their system and they also pay a few hundred dollars a month to maintain it. A little more than you want to pay?

And that's not the main problem. It only works if visitors have the app, and getting folks to download and install an app is insanely expensive. (See the 'No Apps' section under TouchlessMarketing.™)

Then there are those signage companies that consult with you on your Wayfinding needs. You pay their fees PLUS the expense of all the signs. And the big problem is every time you make a change all your signage needs to also change.

But all that was before MyWayFind.


Inexpensive and Functional.

  • Right on the one device they always have with them and always on.
  • You can now offer Real-Time Location for folks in a venue.
  • When they click, you can have a map appear with the "You are Here" button or a set of directions.
  • This can be as elaborate as you need for your facility.
  • Place as many Qnow™ links as needed to direct folks where they need to be.
  • If you need to move one, just place it where needed and have the link changed. You don't need to change the code or make a new sign.
  • Because folks always know where they are, your business or event is more successful.
Upload custom Indoor or Outdoor Map to enable real-time Indoor Location Access for people in your venue. 
Easy Set-up
The Link can be a "You are Here" star on a map or a direction indicator. 
When you need to make a change, just move the sign in your venue and change what it links to. No need to create new signage.

Use Cases for Indoor Location & Maps

Indoor Location systems are a must-have in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, expo centers or factories.
The MyWayfind location and direction system makes this affordable and functional to any business or organization.


Reduce stress by providing predictability for visitors and employees. Reduce workload at information desks. Increase productivity by helping ensure patients arrive on time for their appointments.


Help asset finding and usage. Provide visitors or workers with interactive maps of large manufacturing facilities.


Provide Indoor Location and the visitor’s real time location. Show fastest path to desired gate and display marketing offers along the way. Optimize passengers’ time and drive their spending.


Increase sales by guiding customers to products. Optimize product placement while increasing customer independence. Increase store efficiency and reduce staff cost.


Help students find their location and campus amenities, such as restaurants and cafeterias, libraries and parking lots. Provide students with updated class and schedule information. Enable user access to value-added services like restaurant menus. Integrate study aids and event invitations.


Provide guests with maps of restaurants, spas, pools, gift shops, and more. Empower tradeshow visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations.


Show visitors their location and all museum amenities and services on a map. Display digital content, such as information and videos on art, as visitors walk by. Enable visitors to purchase related retail items as they interact with artwork, such as framed prints, books and jewelry.


Show visitors their current location, show passengers points of interest and other shops and restaurants around them. Empower travelers with special needs to contact staff and request support based on their current position.


Find the fastest route to the correct meeting room. No more delays of meetings or wasted employee time. Manage meeting rooms and increase efficiency via modern booking systems.


Empower tradeshow visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations. Save time at check-in procedures.
We have an entire section on this, see Events.


The uses are unlimited.
Any time folks need to find where they are or where they need to go, we have an answer. When you make it easy for them to get the information they need, the rest becomes history.


Another important benefit. Our system will do more for your online rankings than just about anything you can do.

We have an entire section on this but understand the Google Algorithms are written around Traffic...Period. The more traffic you get the more Google likes that. When folks find you through our systems, Google takes notice and your rankings start to improve.

When folks realize they can find where they are, where they want to be and once there, get all the information about what they want on the one device they always have with them, they engage more which helps you.