Your site MUST work on All Devices while complying with the Google Rules of Engagement.

You not only be Mobile Friendly, you must be Google Friendly.

Location Based 
Consumers will no longer accept the barage of ads that hit them every day. If you don't have a way for them to throttle back, you are doomed.
Remember Google Nearby? The inability to throttle ads forced the closure.

Remote Marketing and Sales
Like it or not, if you wish to survive you need to have eMarketing as a part of your DNS. The move to mobile was happening already and this Pandemic merely hastened the change.

How can we do this?
We have some
Great Partners.

First Key:  Mobile Engagement

Next Key:  Speed of Download under ALL Conditions.
Our Google Partnership accomplishes this.

Next Key

Next Key: Context Awareness

Understand that the Next Generation of Retail is HERE

And the Final Key

Folks, there are a lot of videos on this page and we want you to come away with one thought...
It's no longe business as usual.
In this Connected, Mobile, Social, Instant Information age you need to constantly stay ahead of the curve.
Let's strategize on what than means in Your Business.

If you have made it this far then congratulations. You are truly a cut above and you realize that marketing has changed. You realize you need to adapt to the current trends to remain relevant and you aren't afraid to ask for help.
And along with that realization comes the fact that You are not in total control of your brand.
So the next question becomes Who Controls your Brand?