Business Owners, Google is your FRIEND.

Why not JOIN them?
(You saw this movie on the AppEVOLV™ Link.)

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You need to begin by making GOOGLE your friend!

Google My Business.

Customers are finding you through either a Google Search or on Google Maps. It's critical that your Google My Business listing is current and functional.

DO NOT let any outside company mess with your Google listing as they can actually hijack it. They will Always do more harm than good. 

It's also important that the website link from Google My Business be either a PWA or an AMP link. Google likes both those links and will give you preferential ranking.

Ever noticed that some map listings have a Logo?

There are only two ways to do this.
1. Create a Pay-per-Click account and pay monthly.
2. See the link below.

What Can you Do?

There are FIVE Critical areas you must address,
as well as some optional ones...

Google My Business

As noted above, customers are already using Google so make them your friend.

It's Critical to keep your Website Link updated and current.

We also Strongly Recommend you merely Hang Up on those "Claim your Google Listing" Scammers who call 1,000's of folks daily.

Here is the direct Google link. Don't get suckered into paying for something that is FREE from Google.

Google My Business

Google AMP Site

Your link from Maps needs to be to a PWA site or AMP site.
Did you see the AMP video on AppEVOLV™ where it mentioned ranking better? 
If you aren't using Google's latest AMP or PWA technology, your rankings will suffer.
These links address Five important areas...
First, it's a Much Faster connection, which is critical.
Second, Google notices this and you gain a higher priority.
Third, Translation Works.
Fourth, you can comply with the ADA Requirements to help eliminate the chance of a law suit, something Apps can't do.
Fifth, your business will grow faster because fewer people will abandon their search. Your site simply loads and displays better.

Video Marketing

Consider this,
Google Owns Youtube.
You Must have your own company video and linked from your Google AMP or Progressive Web App.
We have dozens of options for video if you don't already have one, and nobody beats our price.

Folks, this is a critical element. Google now gives even higher rankings to businesses with a Video streamed on the landing page, and even higher when streamed from an AMP or PWA. site.


Any visitor to your site MUST see the https:// link.
Google has now dropped the hammer on this one and if your site isn't https:// your visitors will start getting a warning that simply Scares them Away. You have probably seen this in your searches and if your site is a violator, 75% of your site visitors are gone.
If you need help here we have some suggestions for hosting companies where this is included. DO NOT get sucked into paying a lot for this feature.

Engage Them

When Local Searches start resulting in Local Interaction, Google takes note of this interaction and they Like It.
It's a profit motive for them, their Algorithms are looking for engagement and successful local searches resulting in local interaction, which ties directly into their GoMo Initiative.
When someone finds you through our PWA or AMP system and clicks on your offer, because we are tied into Google Maps Google likes that.
It's a Win/Win. You not only gain an engaged customer, this activity helps your rankings to get even more engaged customers.


As the final part of what you can do to grow your business, we want to introduce you to our Optional Smarter.Marketing™. Note we didn't say More Expensive marketing, we said Smarter. 

If you have looked at the systems and tools we have so far, no doubt you are starting to understand that we know what we are doing.
If you would like to see more of how we can take your business profits to new levels, contact Dr. Mayer directly.

This section is so important it's here twice.

If you are doing business in the United States it's imperative that you follow the rules. Even if you don't like our systems, you need to pay attention to this section.

It affects both Websites and Apps. Most websites aren't in compliance and virtually NO apps are. In fact, apps don't even work that way.

We have a whole section on this and it's one you MUST address sooner rather than later.

Something else for you to consider.

The World is  Changing.

Are you Proactive or Reactive in your marketing efforts?

Do you let things happen to you or do you make things happen?

There is a A New Trend coming and the time to think about it is NOW. 

We will close this page with an announcement.

There is no question we have been hit HARD by these crazy times. It's so bad, many will not survive.

"Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic are Now Permanent."
Yelp 9/16/2020

It's Time to become Proactive.
We'll give you some Great Tools for FREE.

If you are one of those businesses in serious trouble and are merely trying to keep your doors open, we can help.
Contact me directly and let's talk. You just might qualify for some Free Help because of our Tremendous Supporters.

Let me know how we can help.