S.E.O. Scams

The S.E.O. Folks aren't telling you the Truth.

When they try to manipulate rankings, Google doesn't like that.
The retaliation is Swift and Fierce, and YOUR SITE just might get delisted.

Most of Most of the Scammers don't have a clue.
And a dead giveaway is when they start talking aobut Keywords.

Google no longer uses Keywords

Here is Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer.

If you are being called by so called "S.E.O. Experts" and they start bragging about how they help you with Keywords, you are about to be scammed.  Google stopped using keywords THREE years ago!

They are OUT to get You

Business Owners are constantly being hit with a Barrage of Scams and a Very Common one is from folks claiming they will improve S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) rankings. In the past, the way to get higher Search Engine rankings was through better Key Words, Search Engine Submission and Rank Building. Those days have ended but it's truly amazing at how many Scammers still say they will achieve higher rankings by Submitting to Search Engines, Tweaking HTML and adjusting Keywords.

Time to set the Record Straight.

There are hundreds of S.E.O. Scammers out there and they are Relentless and Ruthless. You can always tell its a scam when they start making the outrageous claims of Google 1st Page rankings. One of my clients was convinced so he went for it, but as usually happens, he tried to drop the service after a few months. But that's when the other shoe drops, no matter how he tried they just kept billing his card. He ended up having to document everything and start filing protests through his credit card company.

Entrepreneur Magazine even published their 

And MEDIA BUZZ published their  

Google Partner Scam

If you have a business of Any Kind, you WILL be getting calls and emails, usually from an online spammer or a robo-caller. It doesn't matter HOW official it may look or sound, it's ALWAYS a Scam.

  • Google Will NEVER call or email you soliciting Anything.
  • Most claim they are with Google, Alexa, Yahoo, etc., or are a Premier Partner. NONE of these companies have partners who contact you for listings, rankings, updates, Anything.
  • Anyone who says they are a Google Partner or is calling to Update your Google Listing is trying to Scam you.
  • Google doesn't care who you are or where you rank. They are NOT in the business of helping you.
  • Nobody has inside knowledge or knows somebody at Google that will help you do anything.
  • NOBODY can Guarantee Anything when it comes to S.E.O. or Page #1 Rankings...NOBODY.
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc...NONE of them will Ever Call you to update your Business Listing, EVER.
  • It's impossible to enforce the do-not-call list for companies residing outside the U.S. Territorial borders and 99% of these folks are Offshore.
  • We are perceived by the rest of the world as dumb and rich, and the scammers line up to fleece us.
  • Even if they produce a USA address you get the surprise when you cancel and ask for a refund.
  • Since they are offshore, telling them to remove you from their calling list doesn't work.
  • Even blocking them often doesn't work as the next call comes from a different number.
  • They will say or write Anything it takes to get your money. No matter what your objection, they have a comeback.
  • It's a Huge business with one or two New Scams EVERY WEEK.
But Google is Fighting Back and has published this guide on numerous Scams.

The Domain Service Scam

They make it look Rather official.

Google, Alexa and Siri Warning:

Millions at risk from Nasty New scam Calls.

MobileGeddon Scam

When Google does anything, Scammers will figure out a way to exploit it. There are a host of webmasters and hosting companies pushing all sorts of "Go Mobile" solutions and although they fall short of an out and out scam because they do actually provide a service, what they don't tell you is you Really Don't Need Them!

Technology has paved the way to the end of the expensive webmaster and right now they are reaching for any lifeboat they can find, and the Google "MobileGeddon" change was a big one for them. 

As a result of Google changing the algorithms a LOT of sites started Fall in Rankings and even Disappear from Google, and business owners were fair game to the first guy in the door.

See more about this on the "Google Rules Of Engagement" link.

The Professional Web Development Scam


Register a domain name anywhere and sit back to see what happens.
It won't be long before you start getting emails from "professional design" companies with this and that professional to make your online presence soar.

They will have all sorts of fancy claims but the bottom line is you are probably getting taken, and in a BIG WAY. One of the most common tactics is to build your site with a teaser price then drop the bomb about the real price. But the biggest issue is the minute you let them start working on your site they literally Steal Ownership of your domain name so they can hold you hostage. Then later on when you decide to drop them you find out how much they want to sell YOUR domain name back to you! You are stuck because hidden in the document you eSign is the wording that you gave them ownership of your domain name.

Don't believe it?  Here is   and   and 
There are MANY More.

Companies like this use scare and pressure tactics to get you to say "yes" somewhere in the conversation, and you are stuck. (There are usually scores of video testimonials on their sites from happy customers but many folks seriously question the legitimacy of these testimonials.) 
And if the money you lose isn't enough from their build-out, your old site is Gone and now you start from scratch with a new domain because it's too expensive to buy your original one back.
But it gets worse! Some of them try to artificially force rankings as they still have a few tricks so you'll see some quick results but when Google sees this happening you suffer. Google punishes those who don't play by the rules and that punishment is severe, even to the point of totally de-listing your online presence...and if that happens you might as well close the doors.

But they really don't care if your business suffers and you end up leaving because there are huge sums of money involved. They always get a few months of service out of you, and at their prices a few months are enough.

Finally, NONE of these companies offer you Video Marketing, probably the second most important thing you can do for your business.

Think about the information just below.  

You have already seen   when this page opened.

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