Here is  a Cool Way TouchlessConnect™ can Work.

In the Virtual world, as you navigate you can Click on items for more information. But when traveling through the Real World that doesn't work, you can't click on anything.

What if that changed?
What if you could point your phone and click for information?
Imagine a world that is Clickable.

QR Codes aren't new.

They have been around for awhile but have always been limited in their capabilities.

  • The connection reliability sometimes suffers.
  • Functionality suffers without a strong internet connection.
  • Response is usually very slow in most cases.
  • They are limited in capabilities and functions.
  • Different devices work differently making consumer response mediocre at best. 
  • If you clicked a link and tried again later when not connected, it no longer worked.
  • The biggest thing is Speed. 75% of folks are gone after just 2 seconds, they simply won't wait.

Our system Solves the issues.

Qnow™, making the Real World Clickable.
We make Smart Phones SMARTER by unlocking their power and tapping into something they already have installed.


Built In

We have changed how QR Codes respond to your phone. 


Any Device

The beauty is it's already on your phone, we just help you unlock it. It works on any iThing, AndroidThing, PCthing, TabletThing, ANYthing with a Camera, we make the Real World Clickable.



Even if it's far away, since it works right through the device camera they just Zoom In a little and Point.

Other Major Innovatoins

Our system will translate the link into virtually ANY language, which is something no app can do.
In order to accomplish this with an app there needs to be different apps for each language, and each language needs to be done in both Android and IOS. This becomes extremely expensive so it's rarely done. For instance, 3 languages would require 6 apps.
But with Qnow™ it's automatic.

Most QR Code systems don't work well when the phone isn't right next to the code. With our system you can even grab the intended message from across the street or off a roadside billboard.
Imagine a football stadium and it's the 4th Quarter and the snack bar has food that may ago unsold and possibly spoil. What if you could flash up a Qnow™ code on the Jumbo Tron with a reduced price menu, a buy one-get one offer, or even a video of someone enjoying a cool ice-cream sandwich? You sell that unused inventory saving it from spoilage.
Now, imagine you tried this with a different system. The first 50 or so would have no problems but what about the 51st? The only way they could get in is to kick someone else out, which is why typical QR codes haven't been used in that capacity.

Because of how the data packets are delivered to the phone, with the Google PWA or AMP technology, and the way Google caches the information in the cloud, links work nearly instantly and returning visitors see it even if the internet connection has been dropped for a short time. 
Other systems require a fresh load each time so when 100's are hitting at once, the slow load times and dropped signals become very common.

The emergence of the Latest Google technology makes our Extreme Speed possible. For Google it was a profit motive. Abandoned or Failed searches were costing them money so they solved the problem.
We then took their solutions, combined with some of our own, and created Qnow™.
Check out why these solutions work on the "Evolution of Apps" link above.

We have removed the barriers. Other systems can only link to static files, like a coupon. Some others can link to a website but there are always issues on Mobile, and it's rare that a video link works because folks simply will not wait for the slow connections. 
That was then, Qnow™ is now. The barriers are gone. What you can now do with your links is only limited by your imagination, and it doesn't matter if you are in a poor internet connected area or not.

Folks, this is a big one. If you are offering up links to potential customers and they can't use the link because they have some sort of disability that prevents them from seeing or hearing it on their device, you could be in Serious Trouble.
Qnow™ is the only system that solves this problem.
If you don't think it's an issue, check out

We are the Only system that helps your Search Engine Optimization.

Google cannot read the other QR Code systems out there, nor can they read apps. Undoubtedly this is something your App developer purposely neglected to tell you.
With Qnow™ EVERY TIME someone clicks on one of your links Google sees this as an interaction and all this activity immediately begins to boost your rankings. 

Unique and Different

We are bringing four different technologies together to make the older QR Code system adaptable to the Business or Organization in a way never before possible.

Nearly Instant

We have the Tools.

Marketing is Constantly Evolving...

But you already knew that.
The question is What are you doing about it?

Unless you have been living under a rock you realize that Mobile Engagement is the future. It's no longer a matter of IF you do it, it's How Well you do it.

The survival of your business depends upon how many folks can not only find you, but Interact With and Engage You.

We have several phases of engagement for you to consider and TouchlessConnect™ or ScanOfTheDay™ is the beginning. 
We should talk.

Here is something we talk about on a different site and here is a preview... 

No app download or installation is required.
Consumers will Always resist adding another app unless they have a very compelling need.

GooPON™ is a Free stand alone coupon lookup system where we list all the coupons in a given area. Business owners have the option to set their ScanOfTheDay™ system up to tie directly to their GooPON™ system if they choose.

You can see this answer on "The Evolution of Apps" link above.
Our system is unique, a one of a kind system that combines four different technologies. By the way, Google is our friend and they better be yours as well.

* You won't find a system like this anywhere.
* No other system has our Speed, a MAJOR consideration.
* No other system has our unlimited flexibility or power.
* No other system has the unlimited Translation feature.
* No other system can work with Google AMP or PWA.
* No other system automatically builds your S.E.O. ranking.

You have probably already realized that everyone in or near your location is constantly on their Smart Phone. They are engaging someone, just Not You.
Watch the video just below for some information on this subject. 

We require no contracts. You take what you need and change as often as you like.
You can also quit at anytime.

Here's a question...

Do Mobile Ads work?

The Future is

Having this system gives us another advantage. We can build you a Smarter App that will put your business in a class by itself, or we can show you how to do it all yourself for a mere fraction of what webmasters charge.