Free One

Another Cool one you can do immediatly,

We'll show you how to do this on your own.

Another Exclusive tool we have incorporated into our system and you can have total control over everything.
We show you how to do this with QR codes, or you can opt to have it tied in with your GeoFence and work on auto-pilot.
Watch the movie.

Many Applications

We are currently developing an online tutorial showing you just how this can work.

Online Tutorial

Do it Yourself
Once you underatand how the Google AMP system works you'll get it.
But, if you don't have the time and want it right away, let us know and we'll do it.

You Control

In systems like this it's important that you keep it relevant and up to date. We show you how this is done and soon you can be putting your own information out there with just a few clicks of your mouse.

QR Code

When using the QR codes it works on any mobile device.
When using the link, any connected device.


Check back often as this section is being developed currently.
You will just click and watch the online presentation on how to do this.

The Process

Building, Updating, Sharing and Serving


Get a Domain Name

If you have a domain name, great. If not, we recommend It's easy to create an account and get one. However, we Do Not recommend their hosting.

Hosting. We strongly recommend A2 Hosting as we have tried them all and A2 is the best.
Click Here and scroll down the page to see some Hosting Options.

Your site or Link

Building the Page

We strongly recommend the Google AMP format because of the Near Instant page load on Any Device, even under less than optimal internet connections.
AppVolv spells this all out. You can get a basic system for FREE, and there are some really great premium templates for a very nominal cost.

QR Code

Free Code Generator

On the same page you saw for Hosting, towards the bottom you'll see "Getting Online" below Smarter.Marketing. You will be using Filezilla if you don't have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.

Your Free QR code generator can be found at

If you get stuck, Contact Me.