If you think that in a Post-Coronavirus world it will be business as usual then you may as well just shut it down now and avoid the drawn out agony.

Change was happening anyway, you already knew that.
Covid-19 merely accelerated the timeline.

If you think the Amazon's of the world were a threat to you before you haven't seen anything yet. As more and more shoppers become accustomed to social distancing, which will continue for quite some time even after the recovery is in full swing, the "Drop in only" businesses will begin to disappear.

It's time to change your mindset. It's time to realize that you have an opportunity to Strike back against the Amazon's and Big Box Stores of the world. 
And we are in a unique position to help you do that, beginning now, for Free.
(See Uprice above.)

Immediate Strategy

Go MOBI:  This Google Initiative spelled it out. If you don't do this right (85% of you aren't) you will be left behind. We can help you get on track for FREE, and you can Stay FREE doing it all on your own.

eShopping:  If you don't have some sort of online store, no matter WHAT your business, folks will start to gravitate away from you and go to a competitor who does. Again, we can help you here, For FREE, and you can stay free.

GeoTargeting:  This will end up being your biggest weapon to combat the big boys. As folks begin to realize they can find out all about a business, on auto-pilot, before they walk in, it won't take long and you will be conspicuous by your absence. But there is something else going on here and we explain on the GeoTargeting link.

eSales:  Another area you need to consider is a way to work with customers, vendors and staff remotely. Note the tools section. We show you how to use ZOOM where you can get a FREE account.

VidMarketing:  Another area where you simply MUST have a presence, and again, we are here to help you for FREE.

We are here to HELP

We're all in this together and offer GooMAPS and UtahSAVE Listings for FREE.

There are No Gotcha's.

We are in a unique position to help.

This is NOT a Bait and Switch. Stay Free as long as you like.

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