Our System in Action

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If you make it Easy, Convenient and Fast 

They will CLICK.

They Will Not download and install an App.

They won't subscribe to a text marketing campaign.
In fact, if you try to trick them into one they will rebel.

They Will Block your Pop-up ads and any efforts you make to GeoTarget them.


When they want it, they want it NOW. They won't wait more than two seconds.

Already Installed

It most be something they are familiar with.
They don't want download anything or learn something new.

Bringing Control BACK to the Consumer

It's like Nothing you have seen before.
It's a MAJOR Upgrade.

We have changed how your phone accesses and responds.
Works over both the Wireless or Cellular Network.
Already on your phone, No App or Download Required.

And the Cool part it automatically upgrades your current system.

Watch the video below.

By now you may be thinking,
"OK, you have my attention. But just How does this QRgo™ thing work?

How can it work without an app?"

21st Century


Your customers are already looking for merchants to engage on their mobile device and if you don't accommodate them you run the risk of pushing them to your competitor. But this engagement MUST be on their terms or they will find a way to block you.

Most businesses don't do this because their webmaster is not telling them the truth. Everything is always an expensive add on and there are a lot of charges because every time Android, Apple or any of the Browsers make a change, here comes another charge.

Webmasters like these changes because it means a Guaranteed Income Stream.

Our Unique System

How do we do it?