Highlight Events

Post Qnow™ links in areas where your audience
can click and get information or join.
Not doing this is missing a valuable opportunity.

You already have them, successfully marketing
to them is like Finding Extra Money..

In Retail

Introducing TouchlessSelling™.
Post one to bring them in the store and then post others on key items, beginning with your most profitable ones first.
Guide them from item to item for an enjoyable experience.
Let the system sell them.

Especially valuable if you have more customers than sales personnel so nobody is left behind. See just below.

Own a C-Store?

You aren't making a lot of money on Gas. Isn't the goal to get them INTO the store where your higher margin items are located?

Bring Them IN

Place Qnow™ stickers on the pumps so when folks are standing there, filling the tank, rather than being totally bored they scan your code which shows them a Nice Cool Drink on a hot day. And as you know, when you get them in they never just buy one thing.

The beauty is your code never changes but you can change up your offers as often as you like.

Apartment Complex

Keep them In The Know

Place a Qnow™ sticker on the front door or office window. Make sure folks know about it and 'One Click' to put it on their home screen.
They don't even have to get out of their car, just point their camera phone and zoom in.
Now you can keep everyone notified in real time to whatever you need.

Need something changed? Once posted it's live and everyone has it immediately because the system refreshes on each visit from the cached Google Cloud.

School, Church, Organization or Special Event

Have a link specific to Teachers. Now you can get them the updates and information only they need.

Have a different one for students. Same thing here, keep everyone in the loop.

And how about a different link for Parents?

A Church. Post a link to your sermon of the day with links to the scripture noted.

Have a separate link to the upcoming fundraiser and seek input.

And regarding fundraisers, make a door hanger for your folks to distribute and let the TouchlessSelling™ system go to work.

Museum or Zoo

Give them an Immersive experience, and for outside, just tape over or laminate your banner so it's sealed and waterproof.


Let them know where they are with a click, "You are Here" going to a map.


As they are sitting, waiting for their table, show them items from your gift shop or buy a Gift Card.


Limited only by your imagination.

As you can see, the uses are Unlimited.

Our system WORKS where other systems have failed.

QR Codes aren't new but typically they aren't that effective. They are OK for very simple links but once things get a little more complicated folks will simply just not wait around for the slow load times associated with typical website links that require a strong internet connection.

Qnow™ AFFORDABLY solves all the issues.
They are Fast, Simple, Functional, Light Weight and Beautiful.

Bottom line: They Flat Out Work.