The Evolution of Websites 

The KEY to Mobile Engagement is SPEED.

Technology is always advancing.
Websites alone have changed quite a bit in just the past nine months. If your site is more than nine months old chances are your search engine rankings are starting to suffer and you can't figure out why.

Load Speed is critical but you also need functionality.

What's Our Secret to SPEED?

We use cutting edge technology.

Watch the following movies and you'll understand.

It begins by Understanding Google.

Google is your Friend. Work with them
not against them.

A better system was needed WITHOUT requiring Apps and Beacons.
Folks will NOT download and install an app.

See Google's Progressive Web Apps on AppVOLV™.
Here is the video they showed at their Launch.

The Google Boost

Our Progressive Web Apps are a Major step forward, but we didn't stop there.

We have an exclusive process called Accelerated Mobile Pages that adds one more layer of Speed.

Our Benchmark load time is 1.5 seconds!

You saw WHAT we use to create the experience, let's look at a few examples.

The site you are seeing right now is made with Progressive Web App technology. When viewed on Mobile the only difference is the movies don't play in the background and the Parallax view while scrolling down is static. That's a function of mobile.
However, note that it still works on mobile and is several times faster than a typical website.

Just below are a few examples of how our links can work. Whether it's content, coupons, product information, directions, maps, video, WayFinding, etc., our system opens up a whole new way to market.

It's a Mobile World

Everyone places an emphasis on speed and this platform RULES.

Any Device

Note the videos above. The informaiton is delivered to the device differently making any device faster.

Cloud Storage

Another huge advantage is we use Google Cloud Storage for even more speed.

Progressive Web Apps

Simply Stunning

The PWA format allows for a multitude of improvements over the traditional web page or even a Mobile App.
You can get as fancy as you need yet even with the improvements they are 10 Times Faster than Traditional Sites because they use 1/10th the storage and the data packets are delivered to the device differently, with newer technology, requiring fewer back and forth connections.

Google's Progressive Web Apps came about because of the slow, cumbersome systems currently out there.

Our Google Enhancements with Accelerated Mobile Pages add to the speed factor.

One of the major benefits is the system works even when there is no or a weak internet connection, a major improvement over the traditional QR Codes.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Enhancement

Raw Speed & Higher Rankings

When your customers click on your Qnow™ code, they expect to see something NOW. Force them to wait  beyond even one second and 70% are simply Gone.
For this reason, our Google Partnership is invaluable.
We realize customers want information now and won't wait so we developed this system to accommodate their needs.
Some other systems may work for a short period but how about when you have information going to 100's or even 1,000's of folks at once? Web servers get bogged down but because of our Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Enhancement, Qnow™ delivers.
In addition to a better user experience because of the speed, you also get better rankings.

Two other CRITICAL systems we incorporate that others don't.

It WILL bring you More Customers.

Whether you need ads, coupons or announcements, and pretty much anything in between, we have the answers.

The beauty of using Qnow™ with ScanOfTheDay™ or TouchlessConnect™ is the unlimited flexibility. Everything is delivered IMMEDIATELY to the customer with Surgical Precision. They love it because the ads aren't blasted out in a shotgun approach. They get what then want, when and where they want.

  • No competitor has this system. 
  • Works on Any Connected Device that can read QR Codes, typically right through the camera.
  • Not limited to the number of engagements like other systems. Because we use the latest Google Cloud technology, multiple hits are no problem.
  • A Push Button Marketing System unlike anything you have seen. 
The Best Part

Not only is this the least expensive and most powerful system out there, we give you a log-in to your system to have total control. Change what you need, when you need it, and as often as needed.