You saw the system we use for our Touchless products, now you need to consider it for your Website.

Let's bring your Online Presence
into the 21st Century.

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It all begins here.

Our sites are about a marketing journey for your consumer.
There is no one size fits all, cookie cutter solution. If that's all you need, you can do this yourself and in fact, we can show you how this can even be free.
For this area you will deal directly with Rick Mayer, Ph.D., Marketing & Sales.
And it begins with a consultation.
Contact Rick.


What are your goals?

Before we converse you need to have an idea of your end game in your marketing efforts. Is it to inform site visitors, get them to take a certain action, follow up with you on a project, become a more loyal customer, or something else?
Today's modern websites are no longer just about Who, What, Where. They are about bringing the customer in for a Deeper Understanding and there are several ways of doing that.


What do you Need?

Do you currently have Marketing Material and how well is it working?
Same with your Logo, is it doing the job?
What about your Domain Name, is your marketing message consistent from the Domain Name through your Website?


Do you have a video to stream on your Landing Page?

This is an important one as it affects not only your S.E.O. rankings but the total customer attitude to your business. We can help you here.


Let us Know

When submitting changes we need to make sure you clearly identify yourself and your copy as we have 100's to deal with. Communication is the key.


Dr. Mayer goes to work.

After we have a full understanding of what you wish to accomplish we begin.
Again, this process is not about merely a who, what , where for your business. We are talking about a Marketing Journey for your clients. 
And when this is all done right, it's marketing to your prospects and clients without them even knowing they are being marketed to. Marketing Myopia.


You will be pleasantly surprised!

You would expect a full marketing package with a custom site to be in the Several Thousand Dollar range, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Our approach is different and we look at it this way. If you are at this point and considering our web services, more than likely you are already using one of our other products. We don't need to double dip on this aspect.
You will basically receive Wholesale Pricing and our goal is to become partners as it's inevitable you will end up using more of our services. Our pricing is more than fair because Partners don't rip off Partners, that's not how business is done.


Custom Marketing Plan Clients

When you are a client you get Free Consultation from Dr. Mayer personally.
Dr. Mayer is the C.E.O. and founder, and has founded, built up and sold several companies in several industries. It is like you have a VP of Marketing, on staff, for merely the cost of using some tools.